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Sophia Steparova: Young Archangel Musical Prodigy

Sophia Steparova is a young Archangel student who has been studying music for 12 years, and who specializes in singing and playing the piano.

She attends Archangel School Number 3 and is entering the 10th grade this Fall where she enjoys History and English classes. Other interests include the graphic arts and writing poetry. She is 16 years old.

She writes that she especially enjoys the opera, where she can "become part of a fairytale and play the roles of Cinderella, the Snow Queen and many others" and let one's imagination "stretch". She also writes that her love of singing allows her to "express my true feelings".

In the video below, Sophia is performing a work by Russian composer Nikolay Rakov (1908-1990) entitled "Why are you Crying on the Sly". The video was recently sent to the Stars of Summer international music exhibition in Cleveland Ohio.testing

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