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Arctic Convoy Memorial Display in Moscow

​ A large photographic display has been placed in a prominent location at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport honoring the cooperation among nations and the bravery of sailors during the Arctic Convoys of World War Two.

The Display, in Russian and in English, was produced by the prestigious Russian Military Historical Society and was opened by its Scientific Director Mikhail Myagkov.

One of the display panels shows the monument on Archangel's Embankment showing a Liberty Ship breaking through the Nazi forces in the Arctic. Here is an excerpt from one of the other panels:

Convoys Bursting Through Time

The history of northern convoys is inextricably linked with history of international relations and agreements which were basis of strategic cargo delivered to and from the USSR. Deliveries were made under the American Lend-Lease Act of March 11, 1941, and the Soviet-British Agreement on Trade, Credit and Clearing of August 18, 1941.

According to the Lend-Lease Act, the United States had the right to transfer weapons and materials needed for joint struggle with allies. Prior to the US entering the war, these deliveries were made on a loan, but since 1942, on a credit-free new lend-lease concept basis.

Overall, in 1941-1945, 41 Arctic convoys arrived from England and the United States, and 36 convoys returned from the USSR.

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