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Project Brotherhood

2016 marked the first year of cooperation and exchanges between Fire/Rescue Professionals in the State of Maine, United States and in Arkhangelsk,Russia.

In 2016 four delegations of Russian & American firefighters, rescue, fireprevention specialists, and other public safety officials visited Maine & Arkhangelsk as part of a peer-to-peer program aimed at fostering the  exchange of best practices between representatives of the profession on both sides of the Atlantic. The immediate goals of the exchanges included Firefighting, Search & Rescue, and Building Codes. 

The Project primary objective aims at increasing the safety level of people both in U.S. and Russia, particularly in Maine and Arkhangelsk, through establishing closer collaboration and sharing of best innovative practices and experience in emergency preparedness and response. 

Detailed reports of the first year of exchanges are available from firefighters from both Portland  and Archangel

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