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New Mayor in Archangel

At noon on November 9, 2020 the Honorable Dimitri Morev

was sworn in as the next Mayor of Archangel, taking the 

oath pledging to comply with the law and to work in the 

best interests of the people.  His term will last 5 years.

In his acceptance speach, Mayor Morev said "I accept the 

responsibility entrusted to me and promise to focus all my

strength, knowledge and experience on the development

of the City and helping people" and "our City is worthy of

development and respect and there are still many glorious

achievement ahead of it."

The Archangel Committee sent a letter of congratulations to the 

new Mayor, We also sent a letter of gratitude to 

outgoing Mayor Igor Godzish (who visited Maine in

November 2019 and who remains a strong supporter of

our Sister City Relationship).

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